Our aim is to reduce the impact of the manufacturing of our clothes on the environment. We do this by choosing each season more materials that have less impact on the environment comparing to the conventional

But we cannot do this alone so, we have decided to only work together with companies that have the same attitude towards the environment as we have.


No Excess is committed to improving cotton farming practices globally with Better Cotton. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance and is not physically traceable to end products. No Excess is committed to sourcing 20% of our Better Cotton in 2024. Better Cotton’s mission is to help cotton communities survive and thrive, while protecting and restoring the environment. Better Cotton trains farmers to use water efficiently, care for soil health and natural habitats, reduce use of the most harmful chemicals and respect workers’ rights and wellbeing. Although we are committed to sourcing 20% of our Better Cotton in 2024, our intention is to increase this percentage. Check their website for more information

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The strong code of conduct of AMFORI BSCI has 11 principles that support their members. These range from fair remuneration to no child labour, along with a step-by-step approach that enables companies to monitor, engage, get empowered and receive support to put sustainable trade at the heart of their business. 

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This Dutch organisation is committed to eliminate muscle diseases for children since 1998. The initiave helps families and believes it is of the utmost importance to know at the earliest possible age whether a child has a muscle disease. Every day counts when tackling muscle diseases. Because a muscle once lost will never come back.

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Sustainability is a clear business priority for DHL, and therefore the right partner for No Excess in transportating our products. We are part of the GoGreen programme, and have a certificate of proof, in which we will compensate remaining emissions together with DHL. They will invest in certified gold-standard causes initiated by DHL.

DHL is well on its way to reducing CO2 emissions in logistics and transporting climate neutral. They want to have reduced CO2 emissions to zero by 2050.

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