We want your No Excess clothing to remain beautiful and comfortable for
as long as possible. Therefore, we have listed some tips on how to best
maintain our items. Additionally, you will find all specific information on the
care label in our clothing. Many of our items are a mix of different materials,
so always check the label before washing
You can easily wash cotton in the washing machine. The care label
shows the correct temperature. To keep the color of your items beautiful,
we recommend that you always wash them inside out. Skip the dryer
afterwards: cotton items can shrink and are best air-dried. Just don’t hang
them in direct sunlight to prevent the color from fading.
Linen is a very strong natural material. There are a few things to keep in
mind to make sure your item lasts longer. You wash linen items inside out
in the washing machine, no warmer than 30 degrees. To get your items
back in shape, it is best to iron them inside out with steam when they are
damp. Never put linen clothes in the dryer to prevent wear and tear
Denim lasts the longest when you wash it as little as possible. Air out denim
first or hang them in the bathroom to steam while showering. If you wash
denim, then do this inside out by hand, or in the washing machine at a
maximum of 30 degrees. Do not leave your denim in the machine for too
long but hang it out to dry immediately
The following applies to wool: do not wash too often. It is best to hang
out your woolen items in between washes to air them out. If washing is
necessary, do it by hand or inside out on a special wool program in the
washing machine (without spinning). Only use a small amount of (wool)
detergent. It is better not to hang wool items to dry, but to flat dry them -
this way they stay in shape.
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