Crafting Quality Denim with Comfort

Welcome to our denim process, where comfort takes center stage. Our commitment to comfort starts with our careful craftsmanship. We carefully select and examine each fiber to ensure the highest standards are met, resulting in jeans that feel as good as they look. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to create denim that is not only comfortable but also durable, with stretchy materials and accessible fits that provide freedom of movement.
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NXS Denim

Spieren voor Spieren

For every NXS Denim item you buy, we will donate 1% to childeren with mucle diseases. The No Excess man is a dedicated sports enthusiast. Sports are leading throughout our communication. Why sports? Because it's for everyone and every moment. Sports are exciting, energetic and entertaining. It connects friends, families and coworkers. But unfortunately, sports are not self-evident for everyone.

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