Gregory Sedoc is a former Dutch hurdler who has competed in the Olympic Games three times. In 2009 he set the Dutch record in the 60m hurdles indoor. Nowadays, he spreads his skills and interests in different outputs. He hosts sports tv programs, works as a policeman, and he invigorates business teams as a motivational speaker. Gregory needs denim that is suitable for every moment of the day. Our NXS denim is designed to move with you wherever you go, whatever you decide to do. No Excess, denim at every moment.

NXS Denim

Spieren voor Spieren

For every NXS Denim item you buy, we will donate 1% to childeren with mucle diseases. The No Excess man is a dedicated sports enthusiast. Sports are leading throughout our communication. Why sports? Because it's for everyone and every moment. Sports are exciting, energetic and entertaining. It connects friends, families and coworkers. But unfortunately, sports are not self-evident for everyone.

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