• Denim at every Moment

    We are proud to announce that our brand new No Excess Denim Collection is finally here! After months of focus and hard work we are back with improved and optimized fits and washes. We only used innovative smart fabrics to ensure the best quality denim. The collection contains three different fits: slim fit, regular fit and tapered fit. Tapered jeans have the same fit on the thigh as a regular fit and are slightly narrower towards the ankles which keeps the jeans falling nicely on your shoes. Every pair of jeans comes with a sixth hidden Phone pocket, specially designed to carry your phone. Suiting our No Excess identity, we created a new look and feel for the washings of our denim. Details such as the labelling, metal trims and back patch are all freshly designed in a color theme which refers to authentic denim from the sixties and seventies. The result is a perfect fit for every man, looking for a pair of jeans that won’t hold him back. Whatever you do, make sure your clothes won't stand in your way. Experience the comfort of No Excess

    Denim at every Moment
  • NXS Denim

    Spieren voor Spieren

    For every NXS Denim item you buy, we will donate 1% to childeren with mucle diseases. The No Excess man is a dedicated sports enthusiast. Sports are leading throughout our communication. Why sports? Because it's for everyone and every moment. Sports are exciting, energetic and entertaining. It connects friends, families and coworkers. But unfortunately, sports are not self-evident for everyone.

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    Spieren voor Spieren