We are excited to share the story of our esteemed brand ambassador, Rafael van der Vaart. Whether you already know him or not, you'll soon see why we are thrilled to have him represent No Excess.

Maybe you know Rafael from his outstanding football career, or perhaps you noticed him during the European Championship (EURO) wearing clothing with a distinctive logo featuring four yellow stripes. That’s us, No Excess! We are proud to say that Rafael has been our brand ambassador for some time now.

"Clothing should feel good and look great."

This is Rafael's main criterion when choosing his wardrobe, and we couldn't agree more. At No Excess, we believe that fashion is about both style and comfort. With Rafael's extensive experience in sports and his keen eye for detail, he understands this better than anyone.

Our Collaboration 

Rafael’s preference for comfortable and stylish clothing perfectly aligns with what No Excess offers. His involvement with our brand goes beyond just wearing our clothes; he shares our vision and helps to spread it.

Whether he's providing analyses on TV or attending an event, Rafael proudly wears No Excess. His choice of our clothing highlights the confidence he has in the quality and design of our products. He demonstrates that fashion and comfort can go hand in hand, a principle that we as a brand fully support.

Join Rafael and Us 

Do you want to look as stylish and comfortable as Rafael van der Vaart? Discover our latest collection and experience the comfort and style of No Excess for yourself.